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Magurele Science Park Association

The association is the engine for developing the biggest science & technology park in Romania. They foster dialogue between research and academia, entrepreneurs and businesses, and the public authorities.

They stimulate economic growth and competitiveness in the region through technological transfer and innovation.

The community formed encourages a more intense transfer between research and production, technology, services, and innovative commercial applications.


Peitho PR

Performance needs innovation!

Peitho PR provides tailored services, following the communications and business objectives. Discover more about how Peitho PR can help you with your brand! Peitho PR manages communication for companies in a wide range of areas, from researching, creating the communication strategy, implementing, to advising and evaluating.


ELITE Business Women Club

The EBW mission is to create a generation of financially independent #Elite women global-wise who choose to be in a process of ongoing evolution, to live a healthy life, and make a difference in their community!

Founded in 2015, Elite Business Women is an entrepreneurship education company for women, a social entrepreneurship project aiming at changing mindsets.


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