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First select  + Join Us (the button on the header ) then you have to choose the type of submission.
To insert a business that offers innovative services or products, please choose the option – Promote your Business.


After choosing the option, the Wizard will continue with the selection of a tiered plan. Here you can choose based on your needs the plan that best fits your company. The difference in plans is how many listings you can post and the duration. The tiers will enable paid subscriptions with future widgets that are currently under development.

Complete the General details about the company

a) Company Name

b) Business Photo (a good photo is vital for grabbing

For proper fit please use 1068 x 648 resolution.

Maximum upload file size: 2MB.

The information you are required is important to make a detailed profile of your business. Users might look for specific information or even presentations. You can always update this profile with a file that shares in-depth information about your products or services.

Choosing your technology category – please select from the options listed. Still if your business operates in another field and you still wish to promote it on binnno platform you can always choose apps and tech – to continue with your submission and contact us through chat or email for support to find the best fit for you.

In case you need us – don’t hesitate to write us at [email protected]

  • Printing
  • Apps & Tech
  • Blockchain
  • Robotics
  • VR/AR
  • AI

Social Media – you can insert your LinkedIn social media platform for users to look into.

Where is your company located?

a) Select your Region

b) Select your Address

How many employees your company has? Insert details in

a) Number of employees

Place your Website ( format ) to drive traffic to your site.

In Auxiliary documents, you can Upload Technical Documentation, Manuals or a Business presentation.

Maximum upload file size: 2MB.

Are you interested in expanding your team with international experts? You can let us know if you search for a certain position or in our next releases you can enter binnno. Lab to co match consultants or investors all over the world.

If you are sure that the details inserted are correct you can publish your offer. After an admin will approve it you can edit or take other actions in the My Account section – 

Check your email to receive notification about the status of your listing. Please also mark binnno. contact as safe as sometimes it reaches the spam filters.





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