Build a Consultant Profile

  1.  First select  + Join Us (the button on the header ) then you have to choose the type of submission.
    To Build a Consultant Profile, please choose the last option – Offer Consulting Services.
  2. After choosing the option, the Wizard will continue with the selection of a tiered plan. Here you can choose based on your needs the plan that best fits your company.The difference in plans is how many listings you can post and the duration.
  3. General

    a) Please upload a good quality picture for your profile. For proper fit please use 1068 x 648 resolution.

    Maximum upload file size: 2MB.
    b) Insert you personal details
  4. Department – choose the desired department where you think you would be a right fit.

  5. Choose the consulting services (business or technical)  you wish to promote and position yourself as an expert.

  6. Don’t forget to write about your services and even place some cool videos about your offer. This description should be short and snappy so people can easily remember it. For videos, you can use the YouTube embedded code.
  7.  To provide a proper fit within a company we must know your level of experience. Please choose the right one for you: Expert | Intermediate | Junior.
  8. People look for specific hard and soft Skills – so share your skills, qualities and know-how.
  9. Social Media is important for some recruiters and companies so sharing your LinkedIn profile is a plus.
  10. Location will help you get contracts in a specific area – for positions that require your presence.
    a) Share your services in a specific region
    b) Show with businesses your town or address in order to contact you quicker in a specific area.
  11. Rate – Your hourly rate is important, if it’s negotiable you can leave it black and discuss it during the 1-1 meetings.
  12. Reservation – You can add a calendar with available slots for people to book your services. Change the Name – with something catchy like Book Now and choose the intervals and details for people to contact you. 
  13. If you are sure that the details inserted are correct you can publish your offer. After an admin will approve it you can edit or take other actions in the My Account section – 
  14. Check your email to receive notification about the status of your listing. Please also mark binnno. contact as safe as sometimes it reaches the spam filters.





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