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After your listing is approved by an admin,  you can explore and edit your account. In your account, you have access to your listings, entries,  contact users, messages, payment options, and other account details.

The Dashboard – is the place you can track analytics on the posted listings. From views to balance account, you can understand your account performance by just looking at a glance.

– The main graphic shows the Listing views – how many times other users have opened your listing.


Here you can administrate and edit your listings. Available options are – promote (to go up in search results), edit, or delete.


– you can manage here direct incoming entries (that you receive from other users) or outgoing (that you enable on other listings).


Administrate all the messages in one place. Pressing on the view listing will show you the listing that received the message. Pressing on the message option on the right will enable a direct chat to talk with the people that are interested in your listing.

Payouts are the amounts of money requested from you to our platform. When you sell your services, binnno will centralize the money until a payout is requested. We do this in order to make sure all parties involved provide quality services and enable payments after both involved partners’ confirmation.

Notifications – manage your notification settings. You can enable/ disable options. To view notifications just click on the bell on the right of the header.

Orders – keep track of all your orders in one place.

Addresses – if you join as an explorer – a business that buys a solution from the marketplace you can insert your billing/ shipping address here or in the checkout process.

Payment methods – here you add your account to receive the payout requests.

Account details – you can update the details of your account. Here you can change your current password or email.


– exit from your account.




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