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First select  + Join Us (the button on the header ) then you have to choose the type of submission.
To insert a product within the marketplace, please choose the option – Sell a Product/ Experience.

Insert General information about the product or experience

Please upload Product Photos that are good resolution and within 2Mb size.
Choose the category of your product/ experience is and if you can’t find what you are looking for choose apps and tech in order to continue and let us know through the chat or email – [email protected] to find the proper fit for you.
  • 3d Printing
  • Apps & Tech
  • Blockchain
  • Robotics
  • VR/AR
  • AI
Does your product have better description on you website? Insert a Product link
Enter the product page on the company website if case (format
You can also inform people about the auxiliary Services and even embed a YouTube video about your product.
Provide also Technical details- Common safety rules, maneuver
Help us understand what department fits your solution best in order to provide a better overwiev. Choose from the list of implementation departments. 
Does your product have different Use cases? Let us know by selecting from the options available. Contact us if you need assistance. 

Select your Location, address, auxiliary documentation (upload technical documentation, manuals, product description)

Maximum upload file size: 2MB.

Would you like to invite specific Business/ Technical experts to work on your project?

You can let us know if you search for a certain position or in our next releases you can enter binnno. Lab to co match consultants or investors all over the world.

Within the listing marketplace, you can Setup Price for your product/ experience.

You will setup the price for the listing and also insert different product options (define your own add-ons
options and prices ex. extra accessories, installation services, etc) if that is the case.

      • Base Price – the price of your product
      • Weekend Price – if you are willing to reduce or raise the price on certain intervals of the week
      • Security Deposit – before taking any actions like shipping the product you can ask for a deposit or a gurantee
      • Long term discount :
        • Apply 7+ days discount in percentage
        • Apply 30+ days discount in percentage
      • Seasonal Pricing – add seasonal pricing
      • Extra service pricing and Addons
      • If you are sure that the details inserted are correct you can publish your offer. After an admin will approve it you can edit or take other actions in the My Account section – Check your email to receive a notification about the status of your listing. Please also mark binnno. contact as safe as sometimes it reaches the spam filters.



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