binnno current version: alpha 2.1.3

Mentors and consultants will help early-stage founders in several ways, including:

  1. Providing guidance and advice by offering valuable services to early-stage founders, helping them navigate the challenges and complexities of starting a business.
  2. Sharing their experience and expertise with early-stage founders, helping them avoid common pitfalls and accelerate their learning curve.
  3. Connecting founders with useful resources and contacts – mentors can introduce early-stage founders to valuable resources and contacts that can help them grow their businesses, such as investors, advisors, and industry experts.
  4. Encouraging and supporting founders – providing emotional support and encouragement to early-stage founders, helping them stay motivated and focused on their goals.
  5. Holding founders accountable – we can help early-stage founders stay accountable and on track, setting goals and helping them stay focused on their priorities.


There are several benefits to using our Alpha platform as a founder:

  1. Access to Expertise As an early founder you can access a diverse pool of experts and angels with relevant experience and skills to help you navigate the challenges of building your startup.
  2. Virtual Networking Opportunities Connecting with experts and angels in our virtual hub can help you build valuable relationships and connections in the industry.
  3. Mentorship Experts and angels can provide you with valuable mentorship and guidance, helping you make informed decisions and avoid common pitfalls.
  4. Validation during online events Connecting with experts and angels during demo days or other online events can also provide valuable exposure and credibility, which can help you attract additional funding and resources.
  5. Virtual gifts and resources from our community members are brought directly to your dashboard!


But you will also be able to:

Express and discuss the challenges you’re facing as an early-stage founder;
Receive sincere and unbiased perspectives from someone outside your situation;
Celebrate and share your achievements and successes;
Engage in conversations about entrepreneurship and exchange ideas;
Talk about the difficulties you encounter as a startup owner and seek support;
Seek guidance and assistance in finding solutions for your business-related problems;
Have an uplifting and encouraging conversation that motivates you to keep pushing forward;
Enjoy a non-judgmental and friendly chat with a fellow founder who understands your journey 🙂


For consultants and investors:

  1. Connect with founders from the innovation and high-tech space;
  2. Bring cross-functional expertise to their team;
  3. Grow your personal brand, company, and portfolio;
  4. Access a wider pool of international startups;
  5. Build partnerships with other accelerators, investors, and startups through the online events;
  6. Filter your search to find investable start-ups in your sector;
  7. Promote your services/programs to early-stage founders;
  8. Your own virtual office and hub to connect and collaborate with international founders.





Curious about the next release?

The Beta version will enable Investor profiles and the possibility for you as a startup founder to match with the proper investors and consultants.

Additionally, by pitching your ideas to investors on our platform, you’ll have the chance to get the introductions you need to make your startup a successful business. We are dedicated to building this version with our community members so changes in roadmap/ prioritization may occur along the way to our beta and mature product :). Building in public is no easy job, but you can always give a hand! Contact us here.

  1. AI matching algorithm in binnnoLab – The matching service uses an algorithm to recommend potential matches based on your profile and matching factors.
  2. Investors’ Guidance – Many investors have a wealth of business experience and can offer you valuable advice and guidance as you will navigate the early stages of building a company.
  3. Global Virtual Network  – We are building an extensive network of industry contacts that will work from our central hub or in their own virtual space so you will have access to potential partners and resources that can help you grow your business.
  4. Online pitching competitions – A great way to bring together founders, future entrepreneurs, investors, and other stakeholders to discover new ideas and promote innovation. Pitch your startup online to a panel of experienced investors and industry experts, and get valuable feedback and support to help you succeed.
  5. Start. Build. Grow – Scholarships/ Programs include living expenses,  access to networks of mentors, and resources to help you grow your startup.
  6. Direct Benefits – special offers and programs for founders from trusted partners.


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