Depending on the tier level you choose you can post a listing or more.

As a partner, you can test all 3 types of submissions and help us with interviews and feedback on the platform usage while you help us grow the community.



In order to use the Service, you must become a Registered User by creating an account on the Site. You can register either a company/consultant account (“Business Account”) or an Explorer account (“Customer Account”), depending on your particular situation. Business Accounts may be free or premium accounts, and Customer Accounts are free accounts.

Free Membership Plan

binnno offers a free membership plan for our partners and early adopters, under which 3 (three) submissions are allowed and support is granted for Business Users.

Customer Accounts (Explorers) are free accounts for an undetermined period of time for general usage of the platform but not for the virtual hub.   The virtual hub will be a premium option.

Premium Membership Plan (beta version)

binnno offers a premium membership plan on a monthly/yearly basis for Business Users.

Further details on each membership-level feature will be published on the Site.




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