Magic Audio-visual Experience Video projecting

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  • Rent Product


  • Robotics


SC Bucharest Promo Robots SRL is the first Romanian Start-Up that offers rental and purchase of humanoid robots, as well as RaaS services.

RaaS (Robotics as a Service) is a cloud computing unit that facilitates the seamless integration of robot and embedded devices into the Web and Cloud computing environments.
RaaS leverages the Cloud and makes it possible for organizations to integrate robots and embedded devices into the web cloud computing environments. With Raas, data captured by robots - such as customer preferences or inventory status - can be stored on a cloud-based system and retrieved as needed by human workers.

Bring excitement to commercial activities such as lectures or conferences!

Magic Audio-visual Experience Video projecting

Equipped with a unique 3D camera and HD laser projector.

Host for activities and opening ceremony.

Helping exhibitors with their product and service introduction.


Technical Details

Length: 902 mm, Width: 421 mm, Depth: 331 mm;

Weight: 19 kg;

4 hours run time, over 10 hours on standby mode.

Use case

  • Advertising

  • Business Development

  • Customer Service & Retention

  • Education & Events

  • Employee Engagement

  • Entertainment


  • Central and Eastern Europe



The all-in-one engagement platform and marketplace that inspires businesses to share & adopt innovations locally…

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