The power of product velocity

🪄As founders navigate the complex world of fundraising, it’s crucial to understand why investors place a significant emphasis on product velocity.

Defined as the speed at which a team releases new features, product velocity holds the power to provide invaluable insights, create a competitive edge, and win over users’ hearts. We will approach the reasons investors prioritize product velocity and how founders can leverage it to their advantage.

🧭Learning cycles and user feedback

Investors are well aware that successful products are not built in isolation, they are forged through continuous learning and transformation. Product velocity enables teams to swiftly release new features, allowing them to gather real-time feedback from users. By embracing a faster iteration cycle, you can promptly identify which features resonate with your target audience and which fall short. This accelerated learning process will give you a competitive advantage over slower-moving competitors, enabling you to refine your offerings based on users’ preferences and needs. Investors value this ability to learn, adapt, and deliver a product that truly resonates with the market.

📈Transparent insights

To understand a startup’s product velocity, investors often turn to the Version History available on platforms such as the App Store. This valuable resource allows them to assess the frequency and scope of feature releases. By closely examining the progression of updates, investors gain insights into a startup’s commitment to innovation and their ability to swiftly respond to user feedback. Transparent version histories demonstrate that a team is actively improving and enhancing their product, showcasing dedication to providing a superior user experience. This transparency builds investor confidence in the founders’ agility and their potential to stay ahead of market demands.

🪂Online channels

Product velocity can also be observed through a startup’s online presence. Investors often look to a company’s blog, Twitter handle, LinkedIn page, and other relevant platforms to understand their product’s evolution. Regular updates, announcements, and feature highlights provide a window into a startup’s product velocity. A vibrant online presence that showcases consistent progress and engagement with the user community signals a proactive approach towards product development.


Investors understand that every interaction with a founder is an opportunity to measure their commitment to product velocity. By taking meticulous and quality notes during meetings, investors can track the progress of a startup’s product development over time. These notes capture important milestones, strategic shifts, and updates provided by the founders. By reviewing these records, investors can observe patterns, identify trends, and gain a deeper understanding of a founder’s approach to product velocity. The ability to consistently deliver on promises and adapt to market dynamics builds credibility and instills investor confidence.

🌠Investor Confidence

It also serves as a powerful indicator of your commitment and ability to deliver results. When investors observe a startup with a consistent track record of releasing new features at a rapid pace, it builds confidence in the team’s capabilities. Investors seek founders who can execute their vision efficiently and effectively. The demonstrated product velocity assures them that the team is capable of meeting deadlines, adapting to market dynamics, and delivering value to customers. This enhanced investor confidence increases the likelihood of securing funding, as investors recognize the potential for a significant return on their investment.

🗻Conclusion: Product velocity stands as a vital consideration for investors seeking promising startups to invest in. By embracing a fast-paced approach to product development, you can harness the power of accelerated learning cycles, respond effectively to user feedback, and gain a competitive edge. The transparency provided through version histories, active online presence, and quality meeting notes offers investors valuable insights into a startup’s ability to innovate and evolve. Understanding the significance of it empowers you to align your strategies, attract investor interest, and pave the way for long-term success.

Embrace the speed, iterate swiftly, and let your product velocity captivate both investors and users alike. 

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