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Early Stage Tech Start-ups 

Generate interest in your business & solution

Create a free business account and start submitting your company’s details. You can promote your startup landing page with your information, and highlight your profile, raise, and your current or future roadmap.

Match worldwide consultants, programs and investors to help you grow your business

Building a successful team is about more than finding a group of people with the right mix of professional skills. Investing your time and money in people who truly specialize in the role your company needs will have immense payoffs later.

Grow your start-up & connections

Start making money by building your company’s visibility, and apply for worldwide investment opportunities. Generate in our startup virtual hub new opportunities for your early-stage business. 


Next-gen Leaders

Find specific solutions for your industry and fill business gaps

Create a free explorer account and start optimizing your business through new and innovative solutions.

Match with worldwide consultants, investors and solutions

Do meaningful work with the help of our community of consultants and find solutions for your company’s challenges.

Grow & scale quickly

Explore our community, match with other companies and experts and grow your business with new worldwide collaboration opportunities.



Connect with founders from the innovation and high-tech space

Create a free account and build your online personal brand as a consultant. Highlight your experience and skills and connect with young founders to power up their businesses.

Bring cross-functional expertise to the market

Check notifications and messages to keep in touch with companies that need your expertise or explore by yourself to look for matching collaborations. In the beta release, we will match you automatically with founders that need your help and expertise.

Grow your personal brand

Make your profile visible for new opportunities within the community. Attract good reviews by offering professional services, mentorship and grow your brand with good ratings to enable future collaborations.


Program Managers

Gain flexibility & Increased visibility

We promote your programs to help early-stage founders and together to turn their ideas into successful businesses in our virtual hub. This will allow for real-time collaboration, making it easier for each part to share ideas, brainstorm, and work together towards a common goal.

Access a wider pool of startups

Being a partner on our matching platform provides increased visibility for you and your offerings, making it more attractive to potential startups.

Global virtual networking opportunities

We can help scale operations and reach a larger number of startups. Partnerships with other accelerators, investors, and startups can be created through the platform, providing opportunities for collaboration and knowledge sharing.


Early Stage Investors

Filter your search to find investable start-ups in your sector

Search through our constantly evolving network of early-stage start-ups and consultants and connect with those most likely to invest and co-work.

Match worldwide early start-ups to help you grow your portfolio with relevant projects 

Building a successful portfolio is about more than finding a group of start-ups. Investing your time and money in people who truly are fit will have immense payoffs later. Be sure to connect and track progress of founders along their journey.

Connect and Collaborate in our startup virtual hub

Finding start-ups offline and online? Why not grow in our virtual hub office also to bring a new and innovative way to scout and collaborate? Start working globally through our live virtual network.



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