We leverage worldwide early-stage start-ups with the right wizards
to grow & innovate​

Connecting high-quality founders to high-quality expertise and capital

1. Build a Global Brand

Start growing your business by building connections and promoting your profile globally.

(.alpha release)

2. Find Expertise

Find solutions for your start-up challenges with the help of our consultants and mentors.

(.alpha release)

3. Match in binnnoLab

Match experts & investors to help build and scale your start-up.

(.alpha & .beta release)

4. Start. Shape. Grow

Receive mentorship from business leaders and technical experts in our virtual hub.

(.alpha & beta release)

5. Build. Pitch. Win

Get access to startup-friendly offers, and programs from trusted partners and founders. 

(.beta release)

6. Virtual Hub

Your co-office in the virtual hub so you can collaborate easier and never feel alone.

(.alpha & .beta release)

1. Build your Offer Globally

(.alpha release)

2. Find Future-Fit Expertise

(.alpha release)

3. Match Investors, Consultants

(.alpha & beta release)

Grow your business, match experts & investors in our virtual global ecosystem

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About us.

As part of 2websoftware & services, we are on a mission to inspire founders and businesses worldwide and help them express their values, entrepreneurial spirit & innovations online.

To do that, we build binnno. 

An all-in-one engagement platform that connects next-gen leaders, high-tech founders, and investors to leverage the right tools and expertise to grow & innovate.

binnno. turbocharges innovation & high-tech adoption by promoting early-stage startups, consultants, and early-seed investors globally.

Our mission is to turn innovators & next-gen leaders into protagonists of a whole new experience that allows them to share their solutions, grow and design new ways of doing business.

Our team.

Laurențiu Avramescu
Daniel Lungu
Full Stack
Tech Enthusiast
Liviu Munteanu
Liviu Munteanu
DevOps Support
Cosmin Coviltir
Front-end Developer
Andreea Avramescu



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